About Short Term Housing Rentals

“Our residents are the people who give Seattle its vibrancy. We’re passionate about providing quality and affordable housing and making Seattle accessible to everyone.”

The Problem

Let’s face it. Seattle is a difficult place to find affordable housing. If a person can’t or won’t pay exorbitant rental rates, what options do they have? Apply for a government program. Live in a poorly maintained apartment. Share a tiny, expensive place with a bunch of other people. Or, find a suburb and let the daily commute begin.

Our Solution: aPodment® Studio Apartments

Calhoun Properties recognized this need within Seattle’s rental housing market. We’ve created a brighter vision — to honor the decent, hard-working people who make Seattle tick — by providing quality housing (and excellent service!) at affordable rates.

Our Company

For over a decade, Calhoun Properties has been developing and managing aPodment® apartments — small and micro-unit residential apartments with flexible short-term lease options — in Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill, University District, Fremont, Ballard, and Northgate neighborhoods. Our mission is to ensure that a diverse demographic of Seattleites can continue to live in the city they love for many decades to come.